How Fashion Brands Should Use Facebook

This post doesn’t list my opinions. Instead check out the embedded video below where Tracy Yaverbaun, Director of Retail, Luxury & Fashion Partnerships at Facebook shares her experiences. Start watching from 4 minutes mark.

Update: Watch it from 18 minutes mark for more relevant discussion on luxury and fashion

Application of Facebook to Local Marketing

I found this video on this blog. It is interesting because Dennis Yu works in the local application of Facebook marketing. I think there is a tremendous need for even workshops for such things. I have designed one, in fact. But I don’t think my b-school will ever offer it! Essec is a premium brand. Anyways, enjoy!

Where is Blogging Going?

Darren Rowse, who runs a photography blog talked about blogging, Flickr, and Facebook pages in the video embedded below.


1. Bloggers are realizing declining revenues from advertisements. The future revenue might come from original content.

2. Facebook pages are a great way to generate ideas for blog posts.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dragonfly Effect

Prof. Jennifer Aaker, one of the most respected consumer researcher, wrote a book entitled “Dragonfly Effect” about social media with her husband Andy Smith. I have added a couple of chapters from this book in my syllabus. I will highly recommend this book to you. It is not specifically about social media marketing per se, but it talks about the use of social media in various nonbusiness settings.

Here is a video of the interview of Andy Smith where he is discussing use of social media in Obama’s presidential campaign.

Vodpod videos no longer available.