How Fashion Brands Should Use Facebook

This post doesn’t list my opinions. Instead check out the embedded video below where Tracy Yaverbaun, Director of Retail, Luxury & Fashion Partnerships at Facebook shares her experiences. Start watching from 4 minutes mark.

Update: Watch it from 18 minutes mark for more relevant discussion on luxury and fashion

Application of Facebook to Local Marketing

I found this video on this blog. It is interesting because Dennis Yu works in the local application of Facebook marketing. I think there is a tremendous need for even workshops for such things. I have designed one, in fact. But I don’t think my b-school will ever offer it! Essec is a premium brand. Anyways, enjoy!

Embedding PDF in Facebook Fan Page

Embedding PDF documents in Facebook is not straightforward as there is no native application in Facebook that allows us to do it. However, such a capability is crucial for fan page administrators to disseminate information. For example, I would like to share my course syllabus directly from the Social Media Marketing course page rather than from my personal Website.

In this post, with the help of two videos, I explain how to use and a Facebook app Static HTML. This app handles iframe codes. I am exploiting the ability of Issuu to generate an iframe document embed code, which we can add to the Static HTML app and create a Facebook tab.  Before you proceed to watch the videos, please read the following steps.

  1. Create an account with Issuu. This is a free document management service similar to the more popular Scribd. I am not sure whether Scribd generates iframe embed code; I did not find it.
  2. Upload your document on Issuu. This is straightforward and their instructions are easy.
  3. Log in to your personal Facebook account (DON’T switch to your fan page as an administrator yet!)
  4. Search for “Static HTML: iframe tabs” app and visit their app page.

Once you complete the above steps, you are now ready to watch the following videos.

(I have divided the tutorial in two parts because my screen capture service TechSmith Jing allows for only 5-minute videos at a time.)

Embedding PDF in Facebook Part I

Embedding PDF in Facebook Part II

What Are Facebook Page Insights?

Facebook Page is getting more popular than Facebook Groups. First of all, companies have ownership to the Page. This means that you have better control over what you can share. Also, you can assign multiple administrators to the Page. The feature I found cool, however, is “Insights.” At the heart I am an econometrician and when I see data, I get excited! Insights give the administrator of the Page a fair idea about how the fan page is performing. It has two basic units of analysis – users and interactions.

One very nice thing is that Facebook lets you download these data as an Excel sheet! If you thought that makes life easier then wait, there is more. Facebook shows you graphs and charts which are much easier to look at rather than the raw numbers. You can copy and paste those in your presentations without any problem; they look professional.

I decided to make a couple of videos to show you how the insights look. Enjoy!

Facebook Page Part I

Facebook Page Part II