Social Media Career Options in Small Businesses

As my class is moving closer to the end of the semester, many of the students are actively seeking jobs. I have little idea about how the career opportunities in social media marketing domain are. Therefore, we had Lisa DiVirgilio as our guest speaker yesterday. She gave a presentation entitled “Social Media in the Real World,” which is embedded below. Here I summarize some of the key points from the presentation. Note that we are talking about the jobs in the small businesses in local areas.

1. Career options: There are several levels at which social media specialists can work. For the entry level, however, the students are most likely expected to join as social media assistants or junior strategists. The salaries are relatively lower in the news media, local TV channels, etc.

2. Flexibility: The jobs have lot of flexibility because the social media strategists need not be tied to a chair and table in the office the whole day!

3. Entrepreneurship: Social media strategists in most cases have the liberty to design the firm’s social media efforts from the scratch. This is like running your own small business.

4. Performance metrics: Although measurement of performance is tough, it is still one of the most critical aspects of social media marketing.

Enjoy the presentation!

2 thoughts on “Social Media Career Options in Small Businesses

  1. I enjoyed your above presentation and agree with many of your points. I started to work for the company I am with now about a year ago. They didn’t have an online presence so I was hired as the eCommerce manager and kind of made my way in to incorporating the social media aspect in to it. It’s a really fun job and you really do feel Entrepreneurial as well as part of an existing business. It’s an interesting dynamic. Also I agree with your point at the end that you should ask to do the social media in your current job. For many of us who currently use it on a personal level, adding it to your job isn’t really a “job”’s more of a natural extension. (Though, I am sure in larger companies this may not be the case). This is a fun and exciting area to be in and while I am learning as I go, I think in a way we all are.

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