Walking on Water

Humans can’t walk on water; it is physically impossible. However, a YouTube video posted sometime last April showed several sportsmen running on water leading to a new sport called “Liquid Mountaineering”! This video has gone viral and garnered more than 7 million views so far.

Students of science must have realized in a flash that this is really just some good trick video shooting. Also students of marketing must have realized that there has to be a creative advertiser behind it! If you watch the video carefully, there are not too many brands except the location (Portugal; country branding?) and they claim that the 100% water-resistant shoes (Hi-Tec Sports) sort of assisted them in their impossible feat. As it turned out, it is indeed an advertisement by Hi-Tec Sports! They came out with this explanation sometime last June.

Despite this, more and more people are getting interested in liquid mountaineering! Now there is a blog for this. You will find several results on Google as well as on YouTube when you search for “liquid mountaineering.” What a creative ad campaign! This generated good visibility for Hi-Tec. If their shoes are really water repellent, I would like to buy one pair soon!

For those who want to know why walking on water is humanly impossible, here is an article from Popular Mechanics. By the way, even Tiger Woods can walk on water.


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