Notion Ink’s Adam

I have been following the development of Adam, the tablet computer soon to be launched by the Indian start up, Notion Ink. The specs are amazing and expected price is low. However, the marketing strategy of Notion Ink is somewhat confusing, at least for me.

Here is a chart of the buzz they created so far. The buzz started in January (check the bottom chart for the news) during the CES 2010. A lot of buzz was back in February with searches from people (the top chart). I have been reading about Notion Ink since Engadget, Gizmodo, and other tech blogs started talking about them. But then suddenly, the buzz died. I guess everything was about Apple iPad until April. As you can see in the chart, Notion Ink’s search went up during iPad launch and then quickly died away. What was going on?

In my opinion, Notion Ink is not managing the media well. They only get in touch with potential consumers like me, through their blog. Note that their last blog entry is on April 3, at the time of iPad launch! So since that day we don’t know what’s been happening with the Adam. In marketing, this strategy to communicate abruptly with consumers is called "pulsing." Recent research shows that pulsing results in volatile cash flows. My research on liquidity risk also suggests similar problem
discontinuous communication increases volatility in the awareness. It is much more efficient to elevate the awareness to a certain level and then maintain it there rather than using pulsing.

Nonetheless, I wish Notion Ink the best and hope that they alter their marketing strategy and move away from pulsing.


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